In the beginning I started my business on the principle of helping my friends. After some time, I also started to help my further friends and acquaintances. And then further friends of theirs. That's how I decided to create an administrative office out of my help.

I am currently conducting tax and administrative activities according to the offer presented on the website. I approach every order with full commitment. I know from my own experience how much emotions accompany administrative matters, especially tax matters. Proper completion of the documents gives us confidence that we will not have financial problems in the future. I know myself how important help is when we come to a new country.

We often face everyday problems which, mainly due to language reasons, become insoluble. Without the help of someone who knows how to solve them and will help in communication problems, it is difficult for us to solve anything. That's why I try to make sure that your matters are always solved positively, as far as I can.

Moreover, I value privacy and trust above all else, so you can be sure that the matters entrusted to me will never be matters of third parties. I approach professional secrecy with a hundred percent commitment. In my work I try to share with you my talent, experience and I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the office offer.

I invite you to cooperation

Marta Miler

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