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From 1 January 2006, everyone who lives and works (or receive benefits) in the Netherlands is required to pay health insurance.

  • Have you come to the Netherlands and need health insurance?
  • Or maybe you've moved from an agency apartment to a private one and your group insurance has ended?
  • Or maybe you just want to change your existing insurance to another one or extend your package?

Contact me or fill in the application form - I will be happy to help with the formalities.

Do you have other questions about health insurance? Check the FAQ section - frequently asked questions - probably, you will find the answer to your question there.


Please consider in the following periods I will be not available.

27-04-2024 till 13-05-2024

The on-line application forms (tax or insurance) that I will receive till 15th of April, will be done till end of April.

The applications that I will receive after 14th of April will be done after my vacation.

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