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Tax return
Benefits to insurance, rent, family
Family allowances
Unemployment benefit
Administration of one-person companies

As part of my offer, I provide comprehensive services in the field of accounting, administration and finance of sole proprietorships/ZZP. The scope of my offer includes:

  • Bookkeeping in electronic form - on request, also on paper;
  • Quarterly preparation and sending of BTW tax returns;
  • Annual preparation and sending of income tax return IB
  • Creation and translation of letters, invoices and offers;
  • Creating monthly, quarterly and annual balances and reports;
  • Preparation of documents for leasing and credit applications, etc.;
  • Inserting and sending invoices on behalf of the Client;
  • Control of payments and drawing up letters of reminder to settle overdue invoices.

I provide these services on a monthly subscription basis.

The cost of the subscription is €45.00 (excl. BTW)/monthly.

The subscription fee includes:

  • full online accounting,
  • 1 to 20 documents per quarter (additional fees apply above),
  • register of fixed assets,
  • contract of indefinite duration,
  • 2 month’s long period of notice,
  • quarterly return of BTW,
  • income tax return (*).

(*) annual tax return free of charge, only in the case of a subscription lasting min. 9 months in a given calendar year, for the others, a one-time tax return cost is €200.00 (excl. BTW).


Please consider in the following periods I will be not available.

27-04-2024 till 13-05-2024

The on-line application forms (tax or insurance) that I will receive till 15th of April, will be done till end of April.

The applications that I will receive after 14th of April will be done after my vacation.

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