Tax return in the Netherlands

This form is intended for people who want to settle tax in the Netherlands.

Insurance benefit (Zorgtoeslag)

This form is for people who want an insurance benefit (zorgtoeslag).

Rent supplement (Huurtoeslag)

If you want an rent supplement (huurtoeslag), please complete this form.

Stop or change benefits

If you wish to stop your payment of benefits or change your details, please report it by completing this form.

Health insurance

Using this form you can arrange health insurance in the Netherlands.

Unemployment benefit

This form is for you if you want to receive unemployment benefits.

Road tax

This form is for you if you want to pay MRB (road tax on motor vehicles).

BPM tax

This form is for you if you want to pay BPM (tax on cars and motorcycles).

Report / change account number

If you want to report your account number to belastingdienst, this form is for you.


Please consider in the following periods I will be not available.

27-04-2024 till 13-05-2024

The on-line application forms (tax or insurance) that I will receive till 15th of April, will be done till end of April.

The applications that I will receive after 14th of April will be done after my vacation.

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