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Have you worked in the Netherlands? Lost your job? Then you can apply for the Dutch WW benefit - unemployment benefit.


You are entitled to unemployment benefit ONLY if you have been dismissed by your employer or your contract has not been renewed. Voluntary termination of employment does not entitle you to unemployment benefit.

If you are officially registered in Netherlands, fill the application form. If you are not registered and live in or near the municipality of Tilburg, contact me and I will gladly take care of the formalities.

What conditions must you meet to be eligible for the benefit?

First you must register as an unemployed person in WERKbedrijf. Registration can be made up to 7 days before the expected loss of job, up to a maximum of 2 working days after the loss of job (unofficially up to 5 working days).

In order to receive the benefit, you must be in the Netherlands (in some municipalities you must be registered in the Netherlands, but in most municipalities, this is not obligatory).

You must have worked for at least 26 weeks in the last 36 weeks preceding your dismissal. Weeks worked include weeks in which you have worked for as little as 1 hour and do not include full sick or vacation weeks.

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You can also find more information in the INFORMATION section, in the entries tagged "Unemployment benefits".


Please consider in the following periods I will be not available.

27-04-2024 till 13-05-2024

The on-line application forms (tax or insurance) that I will receive till 15th of April, will be done till end of April.

The applications that I will receive after 14th of April will be done after my vacation.

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