Transfer of the benefit

Transfer of the benefit to another EU country

You can transfer your unemployment benefit for up to 3 months to another EU country. In some countries it is possible to extend this benefit for another 3 months under certain conditions, but unfortunately the Dutch benefit does not offer this possibility.

In order to transfer the benefit to one of the EU countries, it is necessary to receive a positive decision regarding the benefit in the Netherlands and to receive it for a minimum of 4 weeks in the Netherlands while looking for work.

For example:

If you have received the benefit for 3 months, you will only receive 2 months in the country to which you transfer the benefit. If you have received 12 months' benefit, you will only use up to 3 months in the country to which you are transferring the benefit after you have used up week 4 in the Netherlands (so your benefit will be reduced). But you can also transfer the benefit after more than 4 weeks. It is also possible to return to the Netherlands after 3 months and continue receiving the remaining benefit in the Netherlands.

The amount of benefit transferred to another EU country is THE SAME as the amount of benefit in the Netherlands. You will receive the benefit from the Dutch authorities, to the Dutch account you have previously given. The benefit is not paid in local currency by the authority of the country to which you have transferred the benefit!!!

You will receive a PD U2 form from UWV by post, which you must submit within 7 days of leaving the Netherlands to the relevant employment office and register as a jobseeker in the country to which you have transferred your benefit.

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