Extra tax deduction for a child

The child benefit should be provided in the following cases:

  • In a given accounting year you had a child born after 31 December 2008 for at least 6 months (for the accounting year 2020).
  • During this (mentioned above) period, the child was registered with you at one address. If you have joint custody of the child with the other child's parent, the child must spend at least 3 full days per week with you.
  • Your income in a given accounting year exceeded €5.072 (gross) in 2020.
    NOTE! only income earned at work or sickness benefit counts. Income from unemployment benefit or social welfare is not included here.
  • You have a fiscal partner, but your gross income in a given fiscal year is lower than your partner's, but must be higher than €5.072 gross (year 2020).
  • If your and your partner's income is the same, then the benefit is for the older parent of the child.

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