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Surcharge for hours

There is also a form of partial benefit in the Netherlands - the so-called surcharge for hours. This is a supplement to income lost as a result of, for example, the loss of part-time jobs or fewer working hours than before.

This means that if you worked 40 hours, i.e. full-time, and your earnings were, for example, 2000 euros gross, and now your employer has reduced your hours by half, i.e. you only earn 1000 euros gross, then you can apply for a subsidy from the UWV for lost earnings. The same applies if you work through an intermediary (uitzendbureau) and you work a varying number of hours, but you earn an average of 1,600 euros per month, for example, and at some point the average drops to 1,000 euros per month because there is less work, then you can also apply for a partial benefit, which is a supplement to your lost income.

If you are currently earning the same amount of money as the average for the last 12 months, you will not receive partial benefit. The condition for receiving the benefit is a minimum loss of income of 25%.

Contrary to what one often hears, a surcharge for up to 40 hours does not exist. According to this rule, everyone could work only 1 hour a week and ask for a surcharge for 39 hours from the office 🙂

The partial benefit is received on exactly the same basis as the full benefit. Thus, the procedure for obtaining it is the same as well as the determination of its length and amount and the duties and rights that apply during it. More information about the unemployment benefit, including the conditions and rules of its obtaining you can read in the Guide - HERE.

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