Under certain conditions, it is possible to declare yourself as a foreign resident who is entitled to the same tax discounts and deductions as a Dutch resident.

  1. If at least 90% of your total gross income was taxed in the Netherlands (at least 90% of your income was earned from the Netherlands).
  2. If you have a certificate of income from your country of origin (or certificate of no income).

The certificate must be sent earlier (or at the same time) as the tax return. Sending the certificate at a later date may result in the settlement not being accepted!!!

The difference in tax back could be even 500 euros if you have such a certificate.

If you have a partner, and you want to make a tax settlement with him/her together, both of you must fulfill the condition of at least 90% of the income from the Netherlands (or you earn min. 90% of the income in the Netherlands, and your partner has no income from outside the Netherlands (or very little), or both of you earn min. 90% of the income in the Netherlands). Of course, then you both have to have a certificate from your foreign tax office about your income.

What do you need to do to get such a certificate?

It depends on the rules in your country of origin, so you have to contact your tax office in your country and they will provide you with the right information.
If you need to get the certificate form, please contact me and I will send you the right form in your own language.

Please, if possible, fill in the certificate digitally (only signatures and stamps by hand), because in many cases, certificates filled in by hand are rejected because they are illegible to the Belastingdienst office.

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